Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey Everybody-

I've got some news. First of all I will be doing a radio interview on BlazeRadio tomorrow from 12-1 pm. The radio station is out of Birmingham, AL, but can be listened to on the interwebs. I will be talking (for a freaking hour) about writing and my book, Stupid Alabama. The show is called a Life Worth Telling. I'll do my best not to swear or poot on the radio.

More news- I am moving to West Orange, New Jersey as soon as I find a place to live. I got lucky and was offered a fantastic job with the Turtle Back Zoo. I get to be in charge of the reptiles and amphibians there. It seems like a fantastic place and much of my family is very close by (but not too close).

Thirdly- Reptiles Magazine Online wants me to write three articles a month for them. I linked the first one. I will add more as they get published. If you have any ideas for articles you want me to write (reptile or amphibian husbandry, natural history, or field experiences) leave a comment below. I will need all the ideas I can get.

Lastly- Nobody won "Guess that roadkill" from my last post. Have a look, answer again. You have one week. After one week the answers will be given and the person closest to the correct answers will win the super awesome prizes promised in the rules of the last post.

So, tune in tomorrow, visit me in Jersey and bring Memphis BBQ, and read my articles in Reptiles Magazine. Side note- there will soon be another episode of General Grettabot and her plight against the squirrel armada.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Guess That Roadkill!

Welcome to Guess That Roadkill!

The rules are simple. Look at the skulls I have compiled over my time in Alabama. Comment below with the correct scientific name of the species. For example, #1 is a white tail deer, you should write "Odocoileus virginianus." I know most of you don't know the scientific names, but it's 2014. Google them. You only get one try, unless everyone gets them wrong, then we can have another round. If you want a better angle of one of the skulls, comment and I will take a better picture.

If you are the first to get all of them right, you not only get bragging rights but, I will send you a signed copy of Stupid Alabama. If you already have a copy and don't want another, I will send you a signed picture of my butt.

For those of you wondering where I got these lovely skulls, they were all found by me or my friends (most as roadkill). None of them were killed on purpose. One more rule - Roger and Lenora are not allowed to play due to their prior knowledge, and if they whine about it I will happily send them a signed picture of my butt.

If you have trouble posting a comment (which is apparently common), let me know and I will see what I can do.