Monday, July 9, 2018

The Blue-Streak Wand

Walnut Shaft, Ambrosia Maple Handle, Power Stones core

The three magical stones (described below)

The power of the blue streak (also described below)

        Words are powerful things. Some words can unify a nation. Others can break a heart. Still others can mend that broken heart or rip apart that nation. I am here to tell you about three powerful words. These three words carry magic. The power of each word lies in a stone. The three stones lie in a legendary magic wand. This is the story of the Blue-Streak Wand.
        Legend has it that the wand was created by a cantankerous old druid named Carlin. Carlin lived alone in wilds of Britannia. His father had passed the three magical words to him, who had learned them from his father, and so on for countless years. Carlin was so grouchy, and grumpy for having been stuck with the responsibility of the three magic words. They were such a burden that Carlin became intolerable, which made having an heir for the magic words impossible. No woman would have him.
        So, Carlin had to find a way to preserve the words. He could not simply write them down. The power would be lost, or at the very least, incomplete. He studied magic from many ancient tomes. During his studies, he found that he could preserve the power of the words in stones. Since there were three words, he would need three stones, but not just any stones. They had to be magic stones.
        The first green stone is from a dragon egg shell that hatched during a full moon only on a summer solstice. You can imagine, it was not easy to find. But grumpy, though Carlin was, he was also determined. Into that stone he whispered the first magic word one thousand times a day for an entire year. That word (I can tell you because most of the power of the word no lies within the wand) is “Aawahh,” pronounced: O-Wa. In ancient Druidian, the word means: to open. It opens a door between planes. Our plane and the plane of existence where magic runs wild.
The second, yellow stone, is a meteorite that fell to earth landing in the eye of a left-handed cyclops. The yellow stone was even more rare than the green. But determined Calin had found it. And so, he whispered the magic word to it one thousand times each day for a year. That word is “Teador,” pronounced: Tay-Dowr. In ancient Druidian the Teador means: through door. This word pushes a massive stream of magical energy through the door opened by the green stone.
The final, the blue stone, was rarest of all. It came from a pearl grown inside an oyster in the bottom of the red sea. That blue pearl (one in a million) was eaten by an albino octopus (one in a billion), which was in turn eaten by a left-handed, blind cyclops, which was then eaten by the very dragon that hatched during a full moon on the summer solstice. The blue pearl stayed in the belly of the dragon until it ate a flock of past-ripe pigeons. The dragon upchucked the blue pearl in a breath of fire, causing its blackened spots.
Carlin captured the stone and whispered the magic word to it a thousand times each day for a year. The final magic word is, “Caeyamme,” pronounced: K-eye-em. In ancient Druidian the word means: focus the light. The blue stone focuses the magical energy going through the door opened by the first stone and, pushed through by the second.
The power of the three stones combined forms a blue streak of energy so powerful, the first time Carlin used the wand, it blew the back end right off. He had to reattach it with magical blue resin and a mystical nail.
The Blue Streak Wand is extremely dangerous. However, the words, if said in the right order, and at the correct volume, can be quite powerful on their own. If you do not believe me, try it for yourself. You will still need a wand to focus the energy, though any stick will do. It may help to use a wizard’s cloak. If you do not have one, you can also replace a genuine wizard’s cloak with a thin blanket an any variety. I recommend you put on the cloak, and wave your stick around, all while repeating the magic words at high volume.

Repeat after me: "Aawahh, Teador, Caeyamme!"

If you don't get the true meaning of the words right away, repeat them louder and faster. The Blue Streak will follow. Perhaps you can't see the streak right away, or find the meaning of the words. I urge you to chant the words in front of friends. They may be able to see the Blue Streak you are forming.

Only then will you discover the true power of the Blue Streak as Carlin once knew. I beg you, only use your new-found power for good. 
Please don't ruin the power you have found for other readers. If you liked the story, or the wand, please share it.

                -Michael P Wines
                Curator of Magical Artifacts
                Order of the Dragon

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Walnut shaft, Phoenix feather core

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